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Have you found yourself wanting more? 
Knowing your life of mundane tasks doesn’t compete with your desires to be subservient? You look around and know you’re missing something, you’re missing a master, you miss serving someone with divine feminine energy. 
Craving the sensation to please, feeding into your guilty energy of being such a shitty man, you know you need to do more for the world, but you want to start by serving an Ebony goddess. 

Humiliation? Domination? Worship? Being used for the human toilet that you are? This is an introduction to the services  I offer.

Humiliation: public humiliation, private humiliation, and in general just making you feel shitty about yourself are in my repertoire. 

Domination: from spanking to stomping, to bootlicking and slave play. I dabble in all forms of admiration & dominance 

Worship: baby oil, foot massages, kisses in the most intimate of places. Worshiping my body and my essence is the first thing that enhances my ego.

Human toilet: golden showers or being used as a full human toilet. Releasing my pleasure upon you enables me to feel whole. You need to do your due diligence in making sure you fulfill your Ebony‘s queens' desires


Your Initial Offering (90 Min) -- 700​ 

Minimum Meeting length

Explain your interest, and then we begin to explore.

4 Hrs Pleasure & Pain-- 1500

2hrs of public tease & denial or Humilation 

Then taking you back to my dungeon to do as I please

Sleep at my Feet (12 hr Overnight) -- 2200

Hours of torture with the opportunity for you to sleep

on the floor when we are all done. 

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