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Topic of Tia

Howdy, I'm Tia Tatum, 

A all-American beauty with all-natural curves! I provide well-crafted experiences that are uniquely tailored to the specific desires of my guest. The attention that I place into the details of our boisterous time together. My luscious curves, long silky tresses, and illuminant caramel skin will bring back your long-standing fantasies of being with that perfect ebony woman. You can call me your muse, dinner date, international travel companion, or luxury courtesan

Connoisseurs of the finer things in life seek the Tia Tatum experience.



Academia and Literature:

I take pleasure in reading, as it is my favorite past time. Many of my reads have to do with my budding career and are related to academic text or journal articles. I have an extreme interest in psych, Bioecological models, and meta-cognition, this is often reflected in our intimate interactions. I hope you can hang on 😉

My Style is;

Playful, feminine, sexy, & refreshing- I use plenty of color, and pride myself in staying away from black outfits. I love accentuating my figure with a sexy wrap dress, or fun summer dress that conveniently cups my derrière. On cooler days, a flattering sweater & fitted jeans – though I personally prefer dresses, its been reported that I manage to still look irresistible in a pair of light wash blues.

My Attitude is;

My warm and welcoming disposition tends to calm even the most nervous of friends. My witty banter will keep you on your toes, and hearty laughter in your belly. I love to “shoot the shits”, and my favorite people are the ones who have a decent sense of humor.

Extensive amounts of responsibility and education have left me with the traits of being extremely organized, professional, and poised. This is reflected in my communications, private incall, rigorous tour schedule, and overall quality of dates.


If 'smooth operator' was really a thing, we may be kin. I am very easy going and can flow with any situation. I find joy in many things, from: sightseeing to plays, to shopping to a simple upscale dinner. As long as I am with you, I’ll be having a great time.


23 & Me says- 46% West African, 26% Irish, 15%Mexican 13%Other

I say- I’m blackity, black, black, black


I am quite the foodie, and even have Specially Curated Packages that are tailored to my foodie tendencies. I am a pescatarian, and even lived most of my adult life as a vegetarian. My taste leans more towards fresh, and well-prepared foods.

The Ebony Perfection

You Have Been Waiting For

As you are lounging on the restaurant patio, sipping your Manhattan on a calm a Thursday afternoon, after a long day of important- but hectic meetings, this is EXACTLY what you needed. Leaning back in your chair, taking in the breeze, your eyes almost close.
Instead, you see her, yoga mat in hand, shiny & relaxed- she must be just leaving yoga from the studio around the corner.
You find yourself entranced- as she’s coming into the restaurant and takes a seat at the patio a few tables down from you for a drink- how counterproductive- bad girl.😉

You look at her as she effortlessly commands attention, from not only the staff, but the other patrons in your section as well- ‘so it’s not just me’ you ponder, this woman is effervescent.
As minutes tick past, you find yourself stealing glances at her, and the more relaxed your drink makes you feel- the more details you notice. Her skin, smooth like Caramel, it almost glows. her bussom looks so plush and soft in her white sports bra, yet it glistens without looking overdone- a woman with NATURAL beauty, exactly what you have been looking for in this new age of Instagram enhancements.

Her drink arrives, and as she thanks the staff she becomes more comfortable. Leaning back in her chair as to bask in the sun on a warm Texas day. You look away as not too be a creep- also- to stop the arousal in your pants- as your imagination is running away with itself.

When your glance returns, you see a novel has appeared in her lap- “The 48 Laws of Attraction”-
That’s it! A woman who is sexy and intellectual? The universe is screaming at you to act on your feelings. But wait, isn’t it rude to interrupt a woman while she is reading?

The pressure is on- You make your way over with intentions to introduce yourself.
As you arrive at her small table- before you can speak, she lifts her RayBans onto her forehead and slides out her hand for a shake and says “Hey there, I’m Tia, you’re blocking my sunlight but that’s okay, I was hoping you’d would make your way over-“

What do you respond?


Age: 29
Edcation Level: Masters of Science
Hair Type: Naturally Curly 
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Body Type: Hourglass
Chest: 34DDD
Waist: 29 inches
Derriere: 40 JUICY inches